Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lost and Found:

I'm more than my failures, but right now I can't see beyond them at all. I cannot seem to move beyond the struggles which remain - the same traps I've known for far too long. Do I focus too much on the battle, on the overcoming something that is not mind to overcome (is this my windmill - ever looming in the not too distant haze)? Is even the "process" of altering my gaze to You and drawing nigh instead of fighting through somehow an illusion and more than I need to carry?

Draw near, change me, move and alter in accordance with Your will. Is this counting too much on some enigmatic, "magic moment" that I am powerless to bring about and can only wait on what may never occur? I hesitated to write that last sentence, because, while I may be "powerless" to bring this about (though this reminds me of how Jesus was unable to perform miracles in some areas because of the lack of other's faith) the fact is You can and have promised to cleanse me from all unrighteousness.