Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Ninjas of the animal kingdom:

Okay this has probably been done, but I'm doing it now. . . So I was talking to Dave in the SPO (student post office, for those of you who don't know) and we were reviving our discussion of how Squirrels are the Ninjas of the animal kingdom and then he brought up Owls (actually at the suggestion of another SPO worker) and the fact that they are a) carnivorous and b) able to fly and that those two characteristics make them a good choice for Ninja as well. It got me to thinking about Otters (I have a personal affinity for the Otter) and how they could be argued as the "Water Ninja" of the animal kingdom. So I proposed a team; made up of the Land (Squirrel), Air (Owl) and Sea (Otter) Ninja's of the animal kingdom. I'm thinking each should have a sidekick who would make up the yin for each animals yang (the Otter I'm thinking would be teamed with the Manatee/Sea Cow), but I haven't fully meditated on the others. Just thought I'd bring up the discussion and see if anyone has suggestions.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weak from dreaming:

I'm still weak from dreaming of you.
I'm still drowning in the joy you bring.
I'm still needy in this time and place.
Thoughts cling, caress and shape my mind.
I'm in the dark without a slumbering thought of you.
I'm still drowsy from dreaming of you.
I'll be amazed when I can touch your face.
Let me look into your eyes and dream. (for Lindsey)
High Maintenance Soul